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Ideal Scan Sizes for 35mm Slides

To calculate the ideal size (in pixels) of a scan or other image for use in 35mm slides:

  1. Determine the size of the image as printed on 11" paper.
  2. Choose a quality level that meets your needs.
  3. Use the table below to determine the size of your image/scan in pixels.
  Desired Quality Level
Size on 11" page: Super Excellent Good Fair
1 inch 372 186 93 47
2 inch 744 372 186 93
3 inch 1116 558 279 140
4 inch 1488 744 372 186
5 inch 1860 930 465 233
6 inch 2232 1116 558 279
7 inch 2604 1302 651 326
8 inch 2976 1488 744 372
9 inch 3348 1674 837 419
10 inch 3720 1860 930 465
11 inch 4092 2046 1023 512
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Ideal Scan Sizes for 35mm Slides
Last update 07 June, 2011